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immediate access to neurology consultations: (865) 585-7222
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Migraines / Headaches

At Access Neurology, we believe that patients should never be treated as statistics. Our office is dedicated to providing the highest quality neurological testing and treatment to our patients in Knoxville, TN.

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Headaches are one of the world’s most common conditions. Migraines can be debilitating, but for some people who experience auras with their headaches, they could be a marker for a more serious danger – an increased risk for stroke.

Migraines are often described as throbbing or pulsating, but they also can be dull or sharp. Migraines often occur on half of the head or in a specific location but may involve the whole head, and they sometimes switch from one side to the other.

An aura can be a visual or sensory impairment that can precede or accompany a migraine. Visual auras are more common and are often described as shimmering lights, or as arcs, shapes, colors, or patterns. Sometimes visual symptoms can involve dark spots or total or partial loss of vision. Other auras may involve difficulty understanding or expressing language, limb weakness on one side, or balance difficulties.

People who experience recurring headaches of any type should seek help from a neurologist for a thorough examination. An accurate diagnosis is critical for effective treatment. Please call Access Neurology for more information.

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