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immediate access to neurology consultations: (865) 585-7222 *Text or Call*
immediate access to neurology consultations: (865) 585-7222
*you must have a referral from primary care provider or ER*
we treat patients, not tests

General & Specialized Neurology In East TN.

At Access Neurology, Dr. Jack Scariano and Mina Farrar, NP strive for excellence through superior patient treatment, education, and satisfaction. Our office utilizes a streamlined approach to neurological care to help facilitate the best care possible.

Where your story is always our number one priority

In the past 40 years, the East Tennessee area has almost doubled in population and the population of baby boomers has increased over time.
This has resulted in difficulty for patients to get Neurological consultations. This is a possible way that this problem can be addressed.

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Even if you are seeing another neurological provider but need immediate care, we will send the records and testing from our office to your provider.

Neurological illnesses such as strokes, seizures, and Multiple Sclerosis often come on suddenly. It is imperative to see the patient in a reasonable amount of time as Neurological illnesses can result in permanent damage that does not heal – these illnesses often involve and control many symptoms within the body. This often causes many patients to become anxious about a diagnosis and what treatments are available. Access-Neurology can help you find a solution.

Our Mission

“My associates and I have started a service in which we feel like we can meet these time restraints of outpatients. Outpatient treatment can be complex. Images, medications, and hospital records of previous treatment are essential in rendering excellent service in a reasonable amount of time.” – Dr. Scariano, Owner.

rendering excellent service in a reasonable amount of time

Our Process

Any patient or doctor who needs a neurological evaluation in a reasonable amount of time can complete a brief 10-question form. This form will give us an idea of what the neurological problem is. We can then determine the reasonable amount of time that the patient needs to be seen-this is called triage.

Example of needing care within 24-72 hours:

 A UT student is found on campus having a generalized seizure. She is brought to the ER where she undergoes an emergency neurological evaluation, including: tests, labs and imaging scans (as needed). She is then released because ER staff feels she is stable and can be discharged with medication and directions to follow-up with a neurologist.  This patient would fall under the category of needing to be seen with 24-72 hours after leaving the ER. 

Currently, patients with similar histories are waiting 3-6 months to see a neurologist in the area.

An Example of needing care within 7-14 days:

A patient is involved in a car wreck, but does not loss consciousness. They go to the ER but are declared stable and discharged.  However, for several days after they have developed severe headaches with nausea and photophobia.

Neurological Conditions that need to be evaluated within 7-14 days

Most Common Neurological Conditions need to be seen as outpatient in a reasonable time frame, before evaluation. Reasonable timeframe is within 24-72 hours

Neurological Conditions that need immediate care

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